Premier Global Sourcing, Inc. is a full service provider. We are equipped with skills, experience, high-end technology and facilities to bring your idea into a functional design. Our clients recognize us as a reliable partner that delivers quality products in a short period of time.

We have a well-established system that reduces manufacturing expenses, risk and turnaround time which leads to an increase in profits. High-end technology increases your competitiveness and improves bottom line profitability. We stand behind the products with manufacturer warranties.

Our key capabilities:

Experts and Engineers

Our experts are a strong pillar of the PGS team. Our people are reliable, highly qualified, responsive to demands and quality focused.

High-end Technology

We follow the trends and keep high-end technology that improves processes, results in quality, and reduces turnaround, giving our clients a competitive advantage.

Well-established System

We have well-established lean processes and steady quality control which result in the highest quality production on a consistent basis.

Products Expertise

Our product expertise includes silicone rubber, plastics, metals and wire, textiles and elastics, packaging supplies, shelving and displays, electronics, promotional items, padlocks and hardware and turnstiles.


We take a multi-disciplined approach to prototyping that allows you to reduce product development risk and get quality prototypes fast. We do product research and development, creating a viable product and preparing it for volume manufacturing.


Equipped with experts and high end technology, we can manufacture any product to any specification. There is no limitation in material, design and functionality

US Warehousing

Premier Global Sourcing works with facilities strategically located in the USA. EDI Warehouse system allows you to manage your product and ship it to your customer directly.


Our well-established systems allow us to provide you seamless and flexible logistic solutions.